Exciting 360° bullet-time photos that your customers can't help but share with the world.

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is as simple as 1-2-3. Your customer poses, you take the shot, and a 360° bullet-time motion photo is created, and is instantly ready to share over social media. With TimeSplice, our team at 24G was first-to-market with what is now a staple in cutting-edge event marketing. We invented the paradigm, and our competitors are still playing catch-up.


Instant Social Share

When a TimeSplice photo is created, it's instantly ready to share on social media, SMS, and email - something that few systems offer. This brings your event to the rest of the world so anyone can join the fun.


TimeSplice makes your customers feel like superheroes in an action scene. When they get ready for their shot, they can't help but leap in the air or throw a slow motion punch, because they know how awesome it will look in a bullet-time 360° photo.

Choose Your Angle

Set your bullet-time photo to wrap all the way around your customers in 360°, or capture the action in front of them in 135° - TimeSplice can be programmed to suit what works best for your event.

Invisible Technology

TimeSplice is so easy to manage that your brand ambassador won't even notice the advanced technology behind it. No need to worry about finicky gadgets - just focus on the human experience.


Track how your TimeSplice photos are shared with the world using our advanced social platform. View Facebook and Twitter Shares, Like and Retweet analytics, and see which customers are key influencers that sing your brand's praises.

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